Patricia Rodas (b.1972) is a photoartist based in Ostrobothnia, Finland. She  works on an ongoing project related to the theme of domestic violence. The works with poetry and  big format camera on analog film. Through her images and poems, Rodas recreates different scenarios related to her personal experience and the traumas of persons who have been victims of domestic violence-  abuse that often results in  life long healing processes.


2018 Beyond Storytelling workshop with Anastasia Taylor-Lind and Rebecca Simons 2017 Storytelling workshop with Anastasia Taylor-Lind and Rebecca Simons
2012-2013 One of five ostrobothnian artists in ​International focus​ curated by Timothy Persons 1997-02 SYH Bachelor in photography

2021 On Disappearance​, Kulttuuritalo Laikku, Tammerfors


2019 Performing with poems and photographs, Svenska Teatern, Helsinki
2019 Unseen Circumstances, ​Vaasa shelter
2019 Trifolium Pratense with friends ​Café Raawka, Vasa
2018 Uprising Tremor. Anticipation. Contemplation. Destructive Patterns ​Iasi, Romania 2018 Performing with poems and photographs, Umeå, Sweden at LitteraTur & Retur 2017 The Most Intimate Hideaways​, Vaasa Arthall

2017 The Most Intimate Hideaways​, Seinäjoki 2016 The Most Intimate Hideaways​, Pietarsaari


2020 Samlade hemligheter / Collected secrets 2013–2019​, Galleri Elverket, Ekenäs. 2020 By Nature, ​Kuntsi Museum for Modern Art, Vaasa
2019 Kintsugi​, Platform, Vaasa
2019 On Disappearance, ​Latvian Photography Museum, Riga

2019 100, ​Galleri CC, Malmö
2019 On Northern Routes​, Stundars Museum
2018 On Northern Routes, K​öpenhamn
2018 On Northern Routes, ​Riga
2018 On Northern Routes, ​Burning Art, Malakta
2017 Ljuset, ​med Susanne Marins & Sarah Nawotka,​ ​October Film festival, Vaasa

2017 Selected Artist for Arts Promotion Centre Finland; ​Konsten berör-rör 2016 Supermarket Art Fair​, Stockholm


2015 Summer guest in the national radio-channel talking about domestic violence

2013 Curating war-photographer Carina Appel ́s (1967-2012) memorial exhibition Kilen, Skaftung


2018 Horisont 3/2018
2017 The Most Intimate Hideaways, ​photos & poems
2017 Cover page on Pohjalainen 6.12.2017 (Finland 100 Year), ​It begins with equality


2012 Photo project Nordess, Copenhagen, Denmark, with Ilar Gunilla Persson 2007 Finnish Cultural Institution in New York
2005 Artist change, Nelimarkka museum, Alajärvi

4 weeks in Portland, Oregon

2011 The photographer of the year in Ostrobothnia


Art In Malakta r.f Filmverkstaden r.f