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Coming projects:
Collective travel and production to explore parallells between our time and the romanticist time, making poetic associations to cultural battles of the 19th century, battles that still have repercussions in how we are seen and how we are made to see ourselves.

In the 1800s and into the 1900s the north was a touristic site of the sublime, wilderness and untamed beauty for artists trained in the south of Europe and based in the south of Scandinavia. The landscape was colonised-   through mining, forestry and introduction of agriculture- and also visually through an outsider painterly lens.  Meanwhile borders that previously had been fluid became more and more controlled and national identities increasingly forced, with horrendous implications for individuals and their way of life. Today the very climate is changing while issues of who belongs to the land and who the land belongs to are still play out. We will set out to explore our brief blip in time passing though this land-  through visual, intellectual and performative work.

Work produced will be showcased internationally through collaboration with both public and private partners.