Hot emerging art from the North


A-A-A-S is born out of a vibrant artist community scattered across a vast expanse of Northern Scandinavia. To some extent we are on the margin or the periphery, but in another perspective at the forefront- looking out from our bastion at the edge of the Arctic, disconnected from sites of power and free to explore independently what it can mean to be an artist. 

A-A-A-S brings forth an insider view of the Southern Arctic landscape.  A sentimentality towards an ancient landscape acutely threatened by impending ecological catastrophes, with changes we can see even over just one generation. In 2021-2022 A-A-A-S are supported by The Nordic Culture Fund in our initiative Mapping the twist, a project to enable the exchange between artists and curators on the 63rd latitude and above, and the dissemination of emerging art from our area.  We are also grateful for the support from the Swedish National Arts Fund.

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